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T & G Auto Spares

Our Spares Policy

We provide spare parts for some of the most beautiful cars ever made, and an integral part of their beauty is the quality of the parts that go into them.

Car SparesThe T&G Autos spare parts policy ensures that we always do everything we can to supply original parts. We do this through long experience and specialisation in Rolls Royce and Bentley, and relationships developed over that time with many original manufacturers and suppliers to both firms.

Our stock of spare parts consists of the largest supplies of post-war six cylinder main and big end bearing sets, gasket sets, suspension kits, fan belts and lots more items in the entire country; if it’s available we either have it or can order it in very quickly.

Quick and professional sourcing of all parts

Unfortunately not all parts are still manufactured and often stocks have dried up and faded away over the decades. As a result we’ve also formed many long term relationships with some of the UK’s best precision engineering manufacturers who fabricate parts to all the original specifications.

We know our customers expect the best and we go out of our way to provide it, drawing on our company experience with these cars and an ongoing effort to provide customer service as prestigious as the motor cars our customers drive.

With both brands also being icons of British industry we guarantee our customers that all spare parts are quality manufactured in Britain and maintaining the standards and traditions of these exceptional vehicles.

Supplying spare parts throughout the UK

Our range of spare parts incorporates everything you could possibly need to get your classic cars back up and running. From a vintage Rolls Royce to a classic Bentley; we have you covered. We have provided our services to a variety of areas across the UK, including local areas such as Wakefield, Kirklees, Dewsbury, Bradford, Keighley, Doncaster, Sheffield, Harrogate, Manchester, Halifax, Huddersfield, York, Rotherham and Leeds.

Learn more about our passion for these cars, select from the largest range of spare parts stocks and be assured of the quality standards you expect. No matter what your requirements for original Rolls Royce and Bentley spare parts put it in the hands of the specialists at T&G Autos; contact us today to find out more from our highly experienced team.