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About Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce began with Henry Royce and Charles Rolls, two independent car manufacturers, forming an alliance in January 1904.

Rolls RoyceThey admired each other’s work and came together initially to produce four models ranging from the two cylinder 10HP retailing at £395 to the six cylinder 30HP at £890. They were unveiled at the Paris Salon in December the same year and the company, Rolls Royce Limited was officially formed just over a year later in 1906.

Two years later they were set up in a new factory on the edge of Derby and ready to begin production with an impressive new six cylinder that eventually became known as the Silver Ghost. The decision was made to discontinue the previous models and focus on the Ghost which built the company’s reputation. By 1921 they had to expand and opened up a factory in Massachusetts in Springfield.

After the war money was short for purchasing luxury motor cars and a smaller model, the Twenty, was introduced whilst the Silver Ghost developed into the first of the Phantom series. The two model strategy worked and even when the Great Depression came Rolls Royce survived and managed to acquire Bentley Motor Cars in the process.

Surviving the Second World War and developing and producing the Wraith then Silver Wraith either side of it, Rolls Royce and Bentley moved production to Crewe in 1946 and continued to produce Phantom models and a range of Silver series cars including the Silver Dawn, Silver Cloud, Silver Shadow, Silver Spirit and finally the Silver Seraph before the company came under the control of BMW in 2003.

Over its history, Rolls Royce has always been recognised as the premiere manufacturer of luxury and prestige cars, retaining their exceptional design and build quality, classic looks and sublime driving experience. Sadly, the golden era of the company moves further away every year and for those lucky enough to own one of the classics like the Silver Ghost, Twenty, Phantom, Silver Wraith or Silver Dawn, getting a reliable supply of  Rolls Royce spare parts gets harder too.

At T&G Autos we can always help, sourcing original parts from specialist dealers or arranging custom fabrication through a British precision engineer; whatever you need for your classic Rolls, contact us and we’ll find it.

Based in Leeds, we provide spare parts for Rolls Royce and Bentley cars to clients throughout the UK. Some of our recent clients have been based in Dewsbury, Keighley, Kirklees, Rotherham, Manchester, Harrogate, York, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Bradford, Leeds, Halifax, Sheffield and Doncaster.