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Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Parts Supplied Throughout the UK

The Rolls Royce Silver Shadow is a luxury car that has various forms. Starting with the first silver shadow that was produced from 1965 to 1976 which then progressed into the Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II when the vehicle was changed in 1977.

Rolls Royce are a British automaker that produced the Silver Shadow from 1965 to 1980. During this time, the model went through multiple changes with some derivatives coming from them. One of the key points of history with this model is that it was the first by the marque to use unitary body and chassis construction.

To date, the combined model run has the largest production volume of any Rolls Royce; making it a common vehicle we supply spare parts for. Before the production of the Silver Shadow, Rolls Royce were dealing with public concerns that the company was falling behind in automotive innovation. In response to this, they designed the Silver Shadow which had several modernisations (most notably its unitary construction).

We keep stock of a variety of Rolls Royce Silver Cloud parts and Silver Shadow parts ensuring that your car is kept in the best condition. When looking at keeping your Silver Shadow in working order, it is always beneficial to keep spare parts for when something breaks or shows wear. Give us a call today on 0113 255 9908 and speak with our specialists on our range of Rolls Royce Silver Shadow parts.

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Cloud Parts Across the UK

John Polwhele Blatchley was the person behind the design of the Silver Shadow. It was a major departure from its predecessor, the Silver Cloud. Most roads across Europe and most of North America during this time were quite narrow and could be quite crowded. Due to the size of Silver Clouds size and that more than 50% of Silver Clouds were sold on the domestic market, this would cause problems.

The Rolls Royce Silver Shadow was made to be 3 1⁄2 inches (8.9 cm) narrower and 7 inches (18 cm) shorter than the Silver Cloud while increasing the amount of passenger and luggage space. This was all made possible due to the unitary construction of the car. The car also boasted other new features, including disc brakes to replace the drums and independent rear suspension instead of the live axle design seen in previous Rolls Royce models.

A rather distinctive feature was a high-pressure hydropneumatic suspension system (licensed from Citroën), with dual-circuit braking and hydraulic self-levelling suspension. The Rolls Royce Silver Shadow was well known for the great ride quality it provided its passengers. This was due to the changes made to the levelling system. Both the front and rear of the car were controlled by the levelling system at first, but the front levelling was removed in 1969 as the rear levelling did almost all the work.

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Parts Supplied to Your UK-based home

Our range of spare Silver Cloud parts have you covered, no matter what it is you require. Our range consists of:

  • Carburettor float needle valve
  • Spark plugs
  • Oil filter
  • Brake hose
  • Joint exhaust manifold
  • Rocker cover gasket

If you are looking for Rolls Royce Silver Shadow parts, we have an extensive range that even contains parts that have gone out of production. We have built up relationships with companies that are able to precisely re-create old parts for vintage cars ensuring you have access to everything you need.

Working Across the UK Supplying High Quality Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Parts

We keep stock of Rolls Royce Silver Shadow parts, as well as parts for a broad range of Bentley and Rolls Royce models. We are even able to supply rare parts that have gone out of production! Our clients are based throughout the UK, but more of our local deliveries take us to Dewsbury, Kirklees, Doncaster, Keighley, Huddersfield, Wakefield, Sheffield, Halifax, Leeds, Manchester, Harrogate, Bradford, York and Rotherham.

If you are looking for Rolls Royce Silver Shadow parts in the UK, contact us today and speak to our specialists. We keep stock of a wide range of spare parts of a variety of Rolls Royce and Bentley models, some of which we source from trusted manufacturers that re-create parts that come gone out of production.